Papa Pear Saga Level Walkthoughs and Video Guides

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Papa Pear Saga Level Index

Papa Pear Saga was launched 26th March 2013 as a part of the King Saga Family. There are three kind of different levels.

  1. Light up the Buckets! You need to bounce your papas into buckets colouring up all five buckets. Sometimes the buckets have lids on them giving us a really hard time.
  2. Bring down the fruits. At the fruit levels your buckets are usually already coloured and your task is to get the fruits into the buckets. If you get a challenging layout for the fruits, quit the level and try again, the fruits haven’t fixed placements in the level design and might appear on an easier place.
  3. Remove a certain kind of obstacles, such as onions, acorns or carrots.

papadancingwom-smallFrom this cheat sheet you can pick your level to get a walkthrough with the gameplay for that particular level. Papa Pear Saga Level 1-5, video

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