10 000 Bubble Witch Saga free coins!!!

10 000 – 30 000 coins/24 hours can be found at GU! Please consider sharing your own as well!




When you get the offer to play Candy Crush for 5 levels, it is definitely worth doing it, as you get 10 000 coins as reward for trying out this fun new game from King.Com! After playing five levels of candy Crush, you re-load your Bubble Witch Saga Game and collect the mighty reward! you can read a comprehensive guide on getting started with Candy Crash right here at the Blogging Witches Blog. JUST CLICK!

Another GREAT in-game feature have also been launched, When you add a new Bubble Witch Saga Player to your friends, you get a Notification in the game to send her a life. This way you can send the Life even if you can’t find your friend on the Map!

How to get shovel with magic beans in Farm Heroes Saga

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