13 000 Coins in One Click for Youtube vids!

Bubble Witch Saga 13 000 Coins in One Click to celebrate 1 million views at Youtube!

youtube-one-clickWhow! The first month of this year have been awesome, both coin- and video wise, we got better organized coins than ever here at the Blogging Witches and the youtube channel have gone really viral! With more than 250 000 views in January alone we have just hit a total of 1 000 000 views for the channel. Check out Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga and subscribe NOW! There will be another celebration One Click post when the channel have 500 subscribers!!! :D

With every milestone there shall be a big 13 000 one click coins! So is stated in the Bubble Bible, isn’t it?

Before you set this Celebration One Click Button off, please consider to load the game a couple of times to catch up with all the friend requests. :) We like coins a lot, but we like our friends more, don’t we? :D

[edit] Links removed since they go old in 7 days

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