99 Links in 1-Click! Free BWS coins

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the Blogging Witches bring you Bubble Witch Saga Coins, 99 Links in 1-Click

13 000 Bubble witch saga Coins
…so all bubblers in the world can buy some extra Magic Potions. The coins can be collected with a PC or Mac. The coins in this post are valid until around 11th/12th Sept. 2013 I tried to count the amount, but ended up in 5800 coins, 18935 coins and once around 8000. That is why I can’t state any whatsoever amount for how much the button is going to give. Please comment with the amount when you have collected! =)

Start out by collecting some single links with coins, that way you have the opportunity to answer requests from your friends before the button sets off. :)

All links have been removed, since they go old in one week.


8 thoughts on “99 Links in 1-Click! Free BWS coins

  1. My coin amount stayed the same also and I watched it to make sure it was going through, but no change. Just to be clear, the green turns to blue when you have used the coin posts, correct? Thank you for all your hard work. I am sure it is my error….

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