13 000 One click coins! Thank you all Youtube subscribers! <3

Bubble Witch Saga 13 000 in ONE CLICK!

coins-big-to-like2-youtubeAs scheduled, here we now got a One Click Coins button for 13 000 coins, because this morning we woke up with more than 333 subscribers for the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSagae!! :D This is AWESOME! Other upcoming Youtube news are the exciting new thing that King.Com now will give us fans the possibility to get our videos published by the OFFICIAL Youtube Bubble Witch Saga channel! :D Check out this website and the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site group for more information on that! Show your interest in the group so we can get that started! :D

Now on to the coins! All the coins in this post have been made for us by Marlies Dunkel. thank You, thank You, thank You! :D First you would want to collect some single coin links, as you certainly don’t want to miss out on any friend requests!

Here are the Coins from the One Click Coins Button as a link list, if you for some reason don’t want to or can not use the automagic Button.

Coin links have been removed from this post, since it is more than seven days old and coins are alive only for seven days.

Do you need even MORE COINS? No worries, we are up to something GOOD here right now! Just check out the coins posted by All Coins Page, the brand new Publisher right here at the website!

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- The Founder of Blogging Witches Network! "I started late 2011 when the awesome Bubble Witch Saga became my first true love at FB." Pet Rescue Saga is my current favorite. I have a strong feeling that Odus the owl from the Candy Crush Saga DREAMLANDS will end up at my dinner table soon as the eatable drunk devil he is!

9 thoughts on “13 000 One click coins! Thank you all Youtube subscribers! <3

    • You need to let both tabs be open in order for the Button to do it’s Magic. If all links already were green when you started to collect, you have used the links at some earlier point the last days. However, if you have used the Button in another browser, the links would not be green.

  1. also … you must open each page individually! Collect the coins then close that page or tab before opening the next one or you will not collect the coins :)
    That’s what I’ve found anyway

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