2 million viewers at Youtube – let’s Celebrate!

Bubble Witch Saga 1-Click Coins

youtube-one-clickI think it is a bit crazy that so many people want to watch the videos at the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga associated with this website, but you do and it is quite cool I think. To celebrate the 2 million goal for views at Youtube, we’ll have a 1-Click coins post for 13 000 coins.

This Friday is also a small contest day today. I’ll play a Bubble Witch Saga level and everyone in the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site group can guess the score, the person that is closest with their guess will win a Facebook Credits gift card. You are welcome to join the group for this contest, there will also be a similar contest next weekend and a BubbleWitchSaga iPhone cover will also be up for a Lottery in the group next week. It is fairly okey to join the group only for the contests. ;-)

This 1-Click button is apart from my campaign where I promise a 1-Click Button for every 12 bubbler that post coins to either the Facebook Page All Coins or GU! So there will hopefully be another 1-Click button very very soon! Click HERE to find all valid 1-Clicks buttons there are many valid posts at the moment!

Today’s bonus links are provided by Jan Morgan, ty very much Jan!

links removed, they are never valid for more than 1 week each.

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