List of 24 000 Pet Rescue Saga Coins!

Hi there all of you Pet Rescuers!

pet-rescue-saga1-300x300Tatjana Shneider have compiled a gigantic amount of coin links from the Facebook Feed. Handcrafted one by one for all of us to use! Many thanks to Tatjana for all the help you provide for us gamers! <3 These coins are valid until around 27th February.

With these links you can get coins for 24 FREE Block Buster Boosters to use in Pet Rescue Saga!

Get these coins in


at the Special NEW LEVEL COINS PAGE!

The 1-click Button is not obeying at the moment, but no worries! You can also collect all these coins without single manual clicks! :D

if you use a plugin, like LinkClump for Chrome or the Firefox “Add On” called MULTILINKS.

Chrome LinkClump instructions:

Firefox Multilinks instructions:

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