3500 coins – All in one click!

Bubble Witch Saga All coins in one click!

The Baroness is thrilled over all new Fans and promise all of you to have me(the humble servant of my cat, that is) continuing to deliver tricks, tips, coins, videos AND FUNNY CAT PICS to the Facebook Page Bubble Witch Saga – the Baroness. (The cat had me highlight and CAPS that, I would never do that myself… :P)

The last ALL-IN-ONE-CLICK-COINS button is still valid for four-five more days, and there is no longer a problem with two active buttons! (Happy dance!)

I think that the responsible way to use this is to load the game twice before you hit the collect button, as you might miss out on some requests otherwise. You can use these standalone coins links to do so. :) 1)[link removed] 2) [link removed]. Another good way is to adjust the button’s seconds to bee long enough to return the requests from your friends with the Accept & Send buttons in the game.

These coins are provided by Angie Hirzmann and the button tech is custom made for the Blogging Witches by Jari (tumba25) Kanerva. Thank you Angie & Jari! <3

[E D I T] Button and coin links have been removed as deprecated. 

Share and like this post for more coins, We’ll have the next button that will have even more coins inside published as soon as possible after this post gets 120 “Likes”.

Here are the links used in the button as single links, you can see that the button have used a particular link if it have turned green.(This is tied to browsers, other browsers you might use to visit this site don’t know what you did somewhere else.) A green link do not necessary mean that you have been rewarded the coins in the game. If you don’t get any coins, make the loading time longer using the dropdown list and try again.

  1. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  2. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  3. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  4. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  5. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  6. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  7. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga

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