45 more yammy Levels for your mobile device!

Picture Courtesy Radu Daniel Opincariu

We finally got an update for mobile devices! 45 yammy Levels have added to the game and we can now enter the Shadow Realm from wherever we like to!

It was nice to notice that the option to buy charms is still present with the mobile app. Furthermore you can also buy the 1-time usage of charms as wishes!

Candy Crush Saga also got an update recently and from that we can learn that King.Com is celebrating their 10th birthday this week. Congratulations King.Com! :)

There is a Lottery where you can win a Bubble Witch Saga themed iPhone cover going on in the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group at the moment, you can join to get a lottery ticket, if you want to! :)

Bubble Witch Saga Bonus Coins

Here you got some coins to buy boosters, the  latest levels (306-315) seems to go really hard on the coin sacks, so we can certainly use some extras!

You can collect these coins with a mobile device using a flash brower, such as Puffin.

  1. 350 coins
  2. 500 coins
  3. 500 coins
  4. 500 coins
  5. 500 coins
  6. 350 coins
  7. 500 coins
  8. 350 coins
  9. 350 coins
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