A few thoughts on mobile app issues.

Bubble Witch Saga iOS problems

Bubble-witch-saga-iPhoneIf you use the game at both a PC and a mobile app, you can’t really control what comes where. I am sure there is some logical order, but I can’t figure out it, since it seem fairly random. 

If you have problems getting requests to your mobile app. there are many things you can do to try to fix the problems. Try both to disconnect and reconnect to Facebook via the iOS settings and within the app. You can also try to disconnect the whole device from Internet and open up the game. Then turn off your device and on again and when reconnecting the app, you might get the requests bubbling in. 

deleting and reinstalling the app is always a good idea to try out with any of King’s mobile apps if they aren’t working properly. 

For some reason these things might have to be repeated several times before you see any results and the thing that seem to work for “everyone” else might not work for you. The later often because you might not have the exact same issue, even if it might look like that.

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