About Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site

The Blogging Witches are big fans of the game Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook and and the Bubble Witch Saga App for mobile Devices. We also play all the other games made by King that King provides at Facebook.

The purpose of the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site:

  • to help each other with any problems or issues within the game
  • to have fun
  • to provide news from within the game and King.Com
  • to tell those little extra things you need to now to gain 3 Stars
  • to provide help to pass every level for all players, no matter if you got paid items or not

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This site is written in PHP and html/javascript utlizing a MySQL database and an Apache web server to send the pages to you.

The Bubble Witch Saga, the Baroness Facebook Page opened up 07/03/12

Most work with this site and with the videos made for the Blogging Witches’ Youtube-channel is done with Open Source solutions like Ubuntu and/or Kubuntu except testing Windows Tips.

The pictures on this site are mostly screen caps from within the game belonging to King.Com. Therefore http://bubble-witch-saga.se claim no rights to them. If a picture is made by any certain player it is clearly stated nearby the picture if the player hasn’t asked otherwise.

If you want to use a picture, right click on the image and download it, if it has a name provided, remember to give the proper creds to that person if you use it. Please do not embed pictures directly from this site as that will cost us extra in maintenance costs.

You can email us at lek.phpbb2.se@gmail.com or contact us about stuff that concerns this website via the Facebook  Page associated with this blog.

Emails and personal messages with support help requests for the actual game will be ignored. Please ask King.Com directly for individual support or in a community like the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group, the OFFICIAL FORUMS or Gamers Unite!

25 thoughts on “About Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site

  1. what is the meaning of the hourglass in the lower right hand corner and does it have any significant in playing the game? I have not been able to find out any information on this.

  2. I sent a charm to my mom but neither of us can figure out how she can collect it. I’ve explored every possible option I know with no luck. How does she collect the charm I gifted to her?

    • If it is coloured green in the bottom screen, when she enter the game, it is collected and ready for use.

  3. My dad have problems to play the game, on his pc and on my pc ( difftent houses) we can’t play the game. when i login on my own account i have no troubles.
    We tried everything, firefox, chrome, ie 9 but no results. I have contact king.com but no answers for us.

    i update flash, silverlight ect but no result, he mis the game very much

    hopefully somebody here can help us

    • As a first step your dad should try to remove Bubble Witch Saga completely and then reinstall it. If this does’t work, you can write back to me and please tell a bit more about how he sin’t able to play, what happens when he goes to the game? In what way isn’t he able to play?

  4. Hi, I have got out of level 115 twice now and not gone through to next level, why is this happening ? very frustrating indeed

  5. the game locks me out for weeks at a time doesn’t accept requests to put me thru other levels need new friends i guess refuse to use cred cards on computer for anything BEEN BURNED!!!!! If you would like to friend and help eachother please contact. frustrated bubble witch

  6. I’ve e-mailed you before about the fact that my BWS game is struggling to move on, it now won’t let me continue onto level 106 having stopped at levels 86 and 96 I have to do the levels before them and then do 86 and 96 but its not recording them as being done nor is it recording the stars I’ve achieved which is a shame as I’ve really been enjoying the game and is putting me off completing this or any other game, could you give me their contact details please as I would like to notify them. Many thanks for your blog.

  7. je n arrive plus a charger bubbe wicht saga il s arrete toujours a chargement 37% QUE DOIS FAIRE QUELQU UN PEUT M AIDER

  8. I have been on level 123 for months. finally I pass it and the game freezes. It takes the life, but it shows that I still have to do level 123.

  9. Was on level 701 but inadvertently deleted game, on reloading only got 400 and something. How do I get back to 701

  10. Hi.. I have never won a daily bonus that is all question marks… Does anyone ever win this ? When it pops up. Under the Hot air baloon, I usually give up and wait for a day for another puzzle to come up.

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