All-In-One click Coins – BETA testing

THIS TEST HAVE ENDED, thank you all for the very valuable feedback, click the menu item for coins to find more buttons and free coins! :)

Bubble Witch Saga – Just one click for all the coins, BETA

Version 0.7.109

The responsibly way to use this tool is to load the game at least once just before you click on collect, as you might loose friend requests, when it loads the game several times. CLICK HERE TO LOAD THE GAME in a new tab.

Choose how many seconds time you want to let the game load from the dropdown. The links WILL need different length. I have yet to look into why. The game will load several times in a new tab, if you close that tab yourself, the coin collecting will stop there and you need to refresh this page to try again(that reload thingy is fixed in next version.)


As for now I think there is something funky with the links I have inserted in this first test, so ALL FEEDBACK is very welcomed. I can’t promise that everything remain published though, as if this turns out to be a complete fiasco this post and the button will disappear into the shadow lord land and never return. Actually I really much would like you to send feedback and suggestions in a personal message Facebook. The receiver for these pm’s will be my cat, the Baroness. But as any witch, I am the humble servant of my cat and read all it’s messages. ;) You can also hit the “like” button to tell that you liked this one or/and take part in the poll. The more bad feedback we get, the better it might turn up in the End! :)

Was there anyhing you would like to tell after using this All-in-one-coins-button?

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13 thoughts on “All-In-One click Coins – BETA testing

    • It should work for really big amounts as well, Linda. But it has to get popular so that it is worth the effort to both make coins and insert them into the coinotronic. (I am still thinking about the name, hehe) ;)

  1. I have tried and tried and no luck with collecting the coins. I have an IMac so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. From the info you posted the other day I could not get anything and from the info here I think that I got about 1000 or so coins but I did not write down what I had to start with. I am hoping that all will work out. Thanks.. I appreciate the coins and what you have done.

    • It should work as good as anywhere else at iMacs. The button haven’t been tested with Safari though, I am recommending Firefox for collecting these auto coins.

    • Thank you for your feedback, it is soon time to turn this button off, but you’ll find new one-click-coins via the menu item below the logo.

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