All in one Click Coins, no app or plugin needed!

Bubble Witch Saga All In One Click Coins


Thank you for all your feedback on the test run for one click coins that we have had this week! Some improvements have been made and here is a more efficent version, please share with your friends if you like this! All feedback are still more then welcome! Remember;

All Coins from this post have been removed, as the went old. Look at the menu to find more all-in-one-click-coins. :)

8 thoughts on “All in one Click Coins, no app or plugin needed!

    • I wonder if you might have got a cached version delivered as I broke this very page several times yesterday. If you clear out your cache and then hit F5 at this page, you just might have better luck this time.

  1. After clicking the “all in one” coin button and letting it do its thing, my game wont load past 30 %. Any ideas how to fix this?

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