Android update for Blossom Blast Saga is available!

WHAT’S NEW in the Android update for Blossom Blast Saga?

A new update has been launched for you bloomers playing at an Android device! The update has the 40 new levels that was featured in the latest iPad/iPhone update as well,  2 NEW EPISODES, (Lily Pad Lagoon & Pavilion Park)
We also have a NEW FEATURE! The Lily Pad is a great help when linking flowers over puddles or ponds. But be careful, it won’t float all the time!

New Levels at iPad/iPhone

Hohoho! Merry Merry Xmas Blossoms to You! iPhone/iPad users have NEW LEVELS, with cool Lily Pads as a little something we haven't seen before.wojooo-wohoo! Watch full version of Lily Pad Introduction at –> your Blossom Blast Saga level demo by adding the number at the end of this YouTube search query for our channels. :-) Blogging Witches' channel: for COPY/PASTE if above opens up a YouTube app too fastyoutube.comquery without domain if BOTH above queries fail(then remember to add before query)/user/BubbleWitchSaga/search?query=blossom+level+Lynette's channel, query for COPY/ way at mobile devices to access specific level is to Tap and hold down your finger over the above query you want to use, then choice to COPY it will appear, so the query is saved. Then go to comment here at this video, hold down your finger in comment section until you get the PASTE option, then paste and write the level at the end of the query and tap at the url you just have specifically created for yourself. Please don't remove your queries, hard level queries are good to have if you bother to make them. :-)

Posted by Blossom Blast Saga Fans on Tuesday, 22 December 2015

There is also a NEW BOOSTER! The watering can is a gardeners best friend, use it to make your flowers grow! But it is really a lozy addon with that new boost, since we don’t get even one single boost for free to at Android users are not spending money on it in the same width as iPad users have done.

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