Anniversary Week, get an iPhone Cover part 1/5

Bubble Witch Saga iPhone Cover

To celebrate this awesome year that have past here, King.Com will send out iPhone covers to you readers of the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site! I will collect addresses this weekend and send them the list when I got five names.

This is the first post in a set of five, where you get a chance to win an iPhone Cover, the rule is simple, the comment with the earliest time stamp wins gets the iPhone cover! Persons tthat have commented at this website might get approved before new users, but getting published first does not necessarily mean that you won. The winner will be announced in either the next iPhone Cover give-away post or in the Daily Bonus Post, depending on what comes first.

If you don’t want it for yourself, get it for a friend! Share this post with your friends, so they’ll know that they can have one of five this weekend! The next 4 chances to win are within the incoming 52 hours.

The Cover fits the iPhone 4 phones.

The Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be help responsible for entries lost.

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4 thoughts on “Anniversary Week, get an iPhone Cover part 1/5

  1. la presentation du dessin est tres jolie j adore ce jeuil me detent et me tress quand j arrive pas mais j insiste et je continue pour avoir l etoile accroc a ce jeu

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