Anniversary week! Win the Charm of Plenty for yourself or for your friend!

Win the Charm of Plenty in Bubble Witch Saga!

At Saturday this week it is exactly one year since the very first post was published here at the Blogging Witches’ web site. So this week I want to have a few give-aways in form of Charms and Coins and there is still one Bubble Witch Saga canvas bag left to find a new owner! First up to go is the Charm of Plenty. This is a pure Lottery, I will accept 50 entries only, when 50 is filled I’ll have a draw. You can participate even if you can’t be gifted the Charm of Plenty, since you can appoint someone you want to have it as the receiver.

The Charm of Plenty is very handy and helps you get those few extra points on levels that seem to have too few bubbles in the cauldron. It gives you 5 additional bubbles in the starting cauldron PERMANENTLY. :)

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[edit] 50 entries reached, please check back for more contests this very week right here at the website. And don’t forget the Guessing Game to win a Facebook Gift card that is scheduled Friday the 7th in the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group! The winner for this Lottery will be announced in the Tuesday Daily Post. 


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52 thoughts on “Anniversary week! Win the Charm of Plenty for yourself or for your friend!

  1. What a great way to celebrate an anniversary! I love this group/site! Very helpful tips and videos and a great way to make game friends!! thanks for a chance!
    Lottery Entry #6

  2. if I win this give it to my girlfriend jackie she stuck on level 55 of Bubble Witch and I think its an excellent game and like her to continue and get to where i am level 215
    thanks for the chance to win this
    Lottery Entry #5

  3. Let my dream come thrue…I wish a magic charm…Now up with my tums and toes..
    Lottery Entry #2

  4. I love this game i spend hours and hours on this game if i dont have what i need i spent money to get it. Crazy i know i just love playing im up to level 184
    Lottery Entry #8

  5. Not only this group and website helps a lot with tipps and coins, now you can win a charm as well. I’d be quite happy to get the charm of plenty ;-)
    Lottery Entry #9

  6. thank you soo much for the coins and walk throughs, they both really help the bubble blaster in me!
    Lottery Entry #10

  7. Since I already have this one I would love to give it to a friend…
    Lottery Entry #13

  8. I love this game,and anything that help me gain more stars would be lovely. :)
    Lottery Entry #14

  9. just pass 215 yay need all the help i can on the rest of the levels , if i have this charm i will give it to some one that needs it and thank you
    Lottery Entry #15

  10. Congratulations with the first year on the Blogging Witches. Thanks for all the work that you do for the players. Love you for that. <3
    Lottery Entry #17

  11. Enjoy this game and can’t wait for new levels to be released. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary.
    Lottery Entry #24

  12. Congratulations!!!!!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for all the help!
    Lottery Entry #30

  13. I love the charm of plenty and do not know how many times it has kept me from running out of bubbles and many times has been the last one or two bubbles left I needed in the game. Would love to share it with someone else. :D
    Lottery Entry #34

  14. This is my favorite game, I love it.
    Would love to win the charm of plenty, but if I don´t I will have more time to finish all the
    levels !!
    Lottery Entry #35

  15. Super, would come in ver handy for level 61 i’m short ONE bubble everytime! great website, thanks!
    Lottery Entry #36

  16. Oh Please! Pick Me! Pick me! I’m poor (really!) and cannot afford to buy! I have a serious love/hate relationship with this game because I am SO addicted!
    Lottery Entry #37

  17. Peetra, you are such a Charming lady. Love this site and game.
    Lottery Entry #41