Anniversary week! Win the Charm of Shattering for yourself or for your friend!

Bubble Witch Saga Win a Charm!

At Saturday this week it is exactly one year since the  first post was published here at the Blogging Witches’ web site. So this week we have give-aways in form of Charms and Coins and Bubble Witch Saga Items! Second up to go is the Charm of Shattering. This is almost a pure Lottery, I will accept 75 entries only, when 75 is filled I’ll have a draw from all entries. You can participate even if you can’t be gifted the Charm of Shattering, since you can appoint someone you want to have it as the receiver!

Tell me one Level where the Charm of Shattering can be used in order to have the chance to win the Charm of Shattering!

Please “Like” and “Share” this post, then just enter your answer, remember to use a valid email address.

In order to win, the entry must have a Crystal Level mentioned in it, where the Charm of Shattering can be used.

I love my Charm of Shattering. When I first was gifted it, I went through all levels available in Witch Country to find out where it can be used. I made a list of those Levels and later on I found out that the Charm of Shattering can be used to make an additional green Spider I could just go to my notes and go for the Crystal Bubble Levels.

Now you too can win the Charm of Shattering, for either yourself or if you already have it or can’t be gifted the Charm of Shattering, we can arrange for a friend of yours to get it instead.

The email addresses will not be published or used for any other purpose than getting in touch with the winner, so we can arrange for the Charm of plenty to be sent to a Facebook account of your choice.

A number will be assigned to your entry and when there are 75 entries or if 75 is not reached by the time I post tomorrows Daily post,  I’ll use the Lottery machine at to find a winner. Only one entry per nose you own is allowed, no matter how many Facebook accounts you have. If an entry with the wrong answer wins the first time I’ll try, a new entry will be drawn until a correct answer is found in the drawn entry. The Winner will be published in the Daily Post the 6th December.

The winner is drawn from e-mail addresses, if I can’t get a respond at the email within five days, a new winner will be drawn from other entries in this contest. The Facebook account to be gifted the Charm of Shattering will need to befriend an appointed Facebook account in order to receive the Charm of Shattering.

You can attend with any comment or e-post you like, but you can get only one lucky number, if the comment don’t have a correct Level Number in it, where Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles  appears, the comment will still get an entry Number.

The Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be held responsible for entries lost because of technical issues.

Nor King.Com or Facebook is in no way endorsing or involved with this contest, it is a private contest for you readers of this web site and the contest is following Finnish law.


// Peetra.

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90 thoughts on “Anniversary week! Win the Charm of Shattering for yourself or for your friend!

  1. I would LOVE to win this tool being that I have spent literally loads of money on BWS already:)
    Lottery Entry #3

  2. level 171 i love this game . i only play this one THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO ~
    Lottery Entry #4

  3. Right off hand without going back and looking at each level I think the Charm of Shattering would be most helpful with level 170. Good Luck Everyone!!
    Lottery Entry #5

  4. The Charm of shattering can be used on level 95… one of my favourite levels :)
    Lottery Entry #6

  5. I love this game!!! I want to win the Charm of Shattering to get again through levels 94-95 and earn more stars!
    Lottery Entry #7

  6. Level 142 Crystal bubbles… Personal email: I never have figured out how to check facebook email… lol…. Anywayz Happy Anniversary… this lil Sweetpea Putty Tat would love a Charm of Plenty or Shattering or whatever you would like to share… I love this game and hope to play it for years to come if they can imagine that many new levels… which I certainly hope they do!!! Happy Bubbles… :)
    Lottery Entry #9

  7. mi piacerebbe avere tre stelle al livello 83, senza questo aiuto credo sia quasi impossibile! :)
    scusate, volevo dire livello 86… che pasticciona!
    Lottery Entry #11

  8. Love the blogging witches…I think level 179 could use the shattering charm. i have been stuck here forever.
    Lottery Entry #16

  9. I would like to win the Charm Of Shattering, it would be of great help. Currently stuck at level 215, that one is horrible.
    Lottery Entry #21

  10. Petra thanks so much for the chance to win this charm!! ♥ I sure could have used it on Level #103! Good luck to all my fellow bubblers!
    Lottery Entry #23

  11. level 89 for sure. I would love to have this! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Lottery Entry #26

  12. Level 86 where shattering all began wicked!

    thanks for the hours of enjoyment may you long continue
    Lottery Entry #28

  13. Here are a few levels you can use charm of shattering in

    Level 92

    Level 93

    Level 97
    Lottery Entry #29

  14. love this game and i would love to win another charm! level 92.
    Lottery Entry #32

  15. I am not at these levels yet but understand it would be needed starting at level 89. This games drives me crazy and I see bubbles in my sleep. Thank you
    Lottery Entry #33

  16. BW is a great game and it would be nice to have the charm of shattering….LOL!
    Lottery Entry #34

  17. I have not tried any charms, so if I win I will look forward to having an advantage
    Lottery Entry #37

  18. 124 would be a level where shattering would be helpful!
    Lottery Entry #44