Awesome feature release in Bubble Witch Saga!

Bubble Witch Saga Scroll of Fire and insights to your friends gaming activity!

new-scrollWhow! I just say WHOW, this is GREAT! :D Not only do we have 20 new levels to play, we ALSO got a NEW MAGIC SCROLL!

First when you open up the game, you will not see the freebie Fire Scroll that you have received, because you need to play a level before the Fire scroll feature unlocks.

The Fire Scroll burst through all bubbles in max five rows. As you can see in this Fire Scroll DEMO video clip, it isn’t almighty over obstacles though.

King have apparently also put in a patch so that people that not yet have received their 50 FREE GOLD BARS might get them nowI didn’t get them with the non charm account I use for vids, that account still have everything in euros. I can’t really figure out if it is a slow roll-out, or if it is a mistake. I know that the Gold bar feature in Candy Crush Saga was rolled out slowly and I didn’t ever even consider that one as a bug, just as a staged feature release, but according to the official BWS forums the missing gold bars wasn’t meant to be here.

The Mystic Woods at the Road Home are open for play, here  is a video walkthrough for level 426, There is also a new set of Eternal Isles and we’ll have new vids for the Isles uploaded to this Eternal Isles 49 PLAYLIST at Youtube.

I suggest you Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches to get all the new cool vids available in your news feed at Youtube! :D

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