Bad weather alert in Pet Rescue Saga – See the new Islands!

Pet Rescue Saga Bonus Islands with fresh Levels for the chosen one!

Click this for the latest NEW LEVEL SOLUTIONS for Pet Rescue Saga Weather ALERT.

If the above link hasn’t yet been updated, check out the video section at our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches! :)

Pet game as many other King’s games gave players a chance to win some boosters – don’t think all players have this option. Open your game and this message should show up if you are one of those that have gained access to this new BONUS FEATURE within the first public release!ISlands-pet-rescue-saga

There are a bunch of pets caught at an isle and the weather is about to get really rough. You have only two dayws timwe to get all the pets to shelter. 10 REALLY FUN LEVELS are to be played in order to save all thre pets before the bad moon rises. pet-rescue-bonus-island-levels

There have been extra bonus levels like these new Pet Rescue Saga Island Levels in the other Saga games ever since the first Eternal Isles for Bubble Witch Saga. In Pyramid Solitaire Saga there have been seasonal special levels, and in Candy Crush we have that darned ODUS, you remember the owl that is dreaming away all our chances to play any neat and clean Dreamland levels ever… :-P

app_store_badge_hubspotI DID NOT HAVE ANY ISLAND LEVELS in my Pet Rescue Saga App at Facebook and it felt like “everybody else” got ’em. Hmm… I thought and checked the Apple App Store for updates. And well, hell, YES!!! There was a fresh update already waiting to be installed!!! After I had installed the Pet Rescue Saga update (release date 28th May) I also got those bonus levels, but so far ONLY at my mobile iOS device.

The Google PlayStore have an update as old as from 21st May, so no way there is any chance you’ll get BONUS ISLAND LEVELS at your Android device right now. :-(

Ronnie McGreggor about the new feature:

” Everyone should play the “Bad Weather Alert” that is now on Pet Rescue. Not only do you get free boosters you also get 600 coins for every level that you complete (1 star). 10 easy levels. Free boosters and 6000 coins! ” 

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