Blossom Blast Saga Level 176

Blossom Blast Saga Level 176, tips, tricks and videohelp

Requiremeents for Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176: Bloom the big 30 hits bud lowest AT the board. With the tips below, you shall bee able to pass Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176 with 3 stars.

You have 25 moves at Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176. Make matches in the middle of the board all level throug, get rid of the 4 middle crows as fast as possible. Don’t let The crows  in the middle eat so many flowers, lettini the seide crows eat flowers isn’t that bad. When you hit the bottom, try to lead same Color flowers into big Bloom as the Color of big Bloom.  Making matches beeside the big Bloom will remove 3 hit points per explosion, so 4 well planned lines nearto big bud also will do it. I used a combination of both techniques to achieve a 3 stars outcome for Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176.

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