Blossom Blast Saga Level 220 Last Lvl Jan-Feb 2016

The videos shows, how to win Blossom Blast Saga Level 220 with no boosts, check below for tricks and tips. At blossom blast saga level 220 you’ll need to blast six big buds within 23 moves. As usual, the most efficient way to blast big buds is to lead lines of the same loud into them.

Tips for Blossom Blast Saga level 220: Link as long lines of flowers into the big buds. Watch out for the crows! Remember, 3 matches with a blast beside a black crow obstacle will remove the crow.
Look for opportunities to get shaking lines and make super blooms. Think about how flowers will drop through lilies in the next couple of moves.

Level 220 with no boosts. Tips for level 220: Link flowers into big buds of the same colour.

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