Bubble Witch Saga is coming for your Android and iPhone!

Bubble WItch Saga For Tablets and phones

[update 6th August 2012] Bubble Witch Saga is available for iPhone and iPad, but not yet as an Android App. King.com is working hard on the Android App and it will be launched soon.

King.com is never sleeping! They are developing apps for your mobile devices as well as they do for their own gaming platform, Facebook and Google+. Next up is Bubble Witch Saga for Android and iPhone.

You can sync your game at your Android/iPhone with Facebook, so that you play on both devices. As a very welcomed bonus we’ll get our 5 lives(or more) at Facebook and another five lives from playing at our mobile devices, this is so great! Keep your tablet fully charged!

With the new, fully synchronized mobile version of Bubble Witch Saga, we will be able to play anytime, anywhere – picking up right where we left off whether for a quick “snackable” session or to eat up a whole lunch hour!

Bubble Witch Saga features:

  • Unlock magical charms, bubbles and items to aid you during the witching hour
  • Fully synced with Facebook: players can continue their progress and unlock new levels in both the Facebook and mobile versions!
  • New levels added every week
  • Sharp, vivid retina display visuals
  • Connect to Game Center to unlock achievements and challenge friends
  • Built-in online connectivity to see friends that are also playing

Source: http://pressreleases.triplepointpr.com/2012/06/27/king-coms-bubble-witch-saga-casts-a-spell-on-mobile-this-summer/

Source: http://about.king.com/games/bubble-witch-saga

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9 thoughts on “Bubble Witch Saga is coming for your Android and iPhone!

  1. I LOVE all the tips & tricks you post! You have no idea how much I depend on your website to get me through the levels. I would love to win this anniversay charm. If I don’t, thanks for all your help anyway!
    number 16

  2. I am Playing BWS.. And why can’t i get the rainbow bubble ?? I have finish the game so far and waiting for new levels .. Its not far play

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  4. when is bubble witch gna b avilible for andriod fones i keep lookin on my app store but its not there im really addictid to the game

  5. I have a android I tablet’ its called the nextis 7,I play bubble witch saga on my computer but now that I have my tablet I’m hoping that I have the one your going to have for android. Hope to hear from you soon, with good news for me. Thank you salle

    • An android app should be under construction, but I got one thought…. If you install flash, could you then try to reach Bubble Witch Saga from your android?

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