Bubble Witch Saga Available in the App Store

Bubble Witch Saga App

Bubble Witch Saga is now available for iPhone and iPads, it should give you a great opportunity to keep playing anywhere you like. It will also soon be available as an Android App. If you run out of lives on the computer, just load it on your mobile device and your heart count should be up to the cap again! To find it, go the the app store and search for “Bubble Witch Saga” or try this link to iTunes.

You will get 20 000 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga when connecting the App to Facebook.

Please comment on this post with your opinions about Bubble Witch Saga for iPhone! :D

10 thoughts on “Bubble Witch Saga Available in the App Store

  1. I can’t but my bubble witch saga game on. All I get is bubble witch sage on the app store and nothing gose on the game. So what do I do, thank you.

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  3. I can not play bubble witch saga anymore on facebook,it keeps telling to upgrade my adoble flash player and i have done this and it still will not let me play bubble witch.I can play all other game and i don,t understand why this is happening to me because i was playing it all along and then it just would not let me in. Please help me because i really enjoy playing it.It is my best game on facebook, My e-mail address is
    Thank you

    • Go through the menu items up high here at the Blogging Witches Blog to find different fixes for the game. I removed the email you had written out, since I wasn’t sure if you really want that to be public. I can unfortunaely not provide P2P support, but we help each other out quite much in the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group, you are welcome to join. :)

  4. I purchased extra bubbles for 9.99. Purchase went thru but i never received what i paid for? What do i do for my refund

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