Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus April 22, 4014

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus April 22, 2014

daily 4-22-14Do NOT use 3 holes in ceiling as may ignite bomb in or near ceiling like I did.  You can see that in photo above.  Actually, I think this level may be a bit harder than video depicts as would not have recommended that particular strategy..I passed this one with luck only.  You need to clear corners and stop infection if able..but you will be dropping from top anyway.  Drop bomb lower left and partially contain shadows if possible.  Continue to clear bubbles up middle and sides to drop infection without igniting bomb in middle and clear area.  Your infections will continue to spread.  Drop middle bomb and work side with least shadows if possible.  You most likely will ignite bomb in +/or near ceiling.  Drop before their final countdown.  The rainbow bubble is very useful in this game.  3 stars

Daily Bonus Narrative Video

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