Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Feb. 10, 2014

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Feb. 10, 2014

 daily bonus 2-10-14

This one can be a toughie if you don’t know exactly what to do.  Your first couple of layouts will be your best color matches which will help tremendously.  Clear a path to the center row of bubbles between the upper and lower black bubbles. Do your best to hit same colored clusters.  You must drop the center row of bubbles before the infection touches it.  Hopefully you will have a matching colored bubble, if not use a rainbow bubble to hit the center row and drop lower black bubbles.  Don’t dawdle too long on lower portion before you drop the black bubbles.  You can build up your spiders afterwards.  Your bombs will ignite when the lower section is dropped. Patch the ignited bombs with one bubble to stop the countdown.  This will give you time to work up the sides of infection towards ceiling and gain extra floor spiders as well.  Depending on your layout you may even be able to drop one side of remaining black bubbles.  The side black bubbles do interfere with your shots.  This is where your rainbows are helpful especially to drop ceiling.  Two are better than one, so if you did have to use your rainbow bubble to hit the solid row of bubbles you are minus one.  The quicker you drop your lower section the faster you can stop your infection from spreading down sides of upper black bubbles. This will give you more options with your shots and eventually will be able to drop your bombs and ceiling.  Unfortunately by the time I had figured all of this out my color layout was not at all satisfactory.  1 star  :(

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