Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus June 14, 2014

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus June 14, 2014

daily 6-14-14I love this pic! See how the mystery bubbles form a question mark??  They are completely surrounded by crystals.  This is even a better pic than you’ll find in the strategy guide.  I just can’t remember which Eternal Isles level it is but we also played this as a daily bonus not long ago.  The strategy is relatively simple but it seems that getting 3 stars is not, at least for me..lol  Just clear out the sides and shatter crystals as you go.  When ready to drop lower portion or get stuck then hit the lower mysteries.  Continue up sides making holes in ceiling and before you drop go crazy with your mysteries. But do not use up all of your bubbles in cauldron.  If you get a bomb drop before it explodes. I provided 2 videos for you as the first game was a great game.  My mystery bubbles were 99% perfect.  Yet I have a lower score than the second video where the mysteries were not as kind.  I received 2 stars there as well.  :(

Daily Bonus Narrative Video

Game 1- Great Mysteries lower score

Game 2- High Score Lousy Mysteries :(

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