Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus March 18, 2014

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus March 18, 2014

 daily 3-18-14

This was a difficult game for me and I played it a few times.  I did pass with one star without charms, failed and then passed again using my antidote charm as a last resort.  The most important thing you must do in the beginning is to contain the infection on BOTH sides.  You will find it spreading faster on one side than the other and it is very difficult to not have one drop too low.  Drop your bomb when able.  The shadows will spread to the sides of infection and the up to ceiling.  It will be difficult to avoid the poison spiders so be prepared to lose some floor spiders and you will have to build them up again later.  Drop at least one side of infection.  The farther it has spread the harder it will be to see above it.  Once dropped clear your ceiling after hitting some of your other matching bubbles first to build up colored floor spiders.  This was a very disappointing game. 2 stars :(

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