Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus May 15, 2014

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus May 15, 2014

 daily 5-15-14

You will have to clear some bubbles from bottom.  Just be careful not to ignite bombs that are snuggled under black bubbles unless you are in a position to patch them.  Work up the right and cut through crystals and move left to drop lower black bubbles.  However, be cautious as it will be easy to ignite the upper bomb.  Once the lower black bubbles are dropped you can see the ceiling and you will also be able to see if you have ignited bomb.  If so, you must patch it with one or two bubbles.  Then proceed up to ceiling on left to drop.  You can hit extra clusters to increase colored floor spiders if you have enough remaining bubbles.  The shadows will empty your cauldron as you proceed to drop the ceiling.  You do not have to drop the black bubbles on right.  Rainbow bubbles are helpful here.  3 stars

Daily Narrative Bonus Video

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