Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus May 7, 2014

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus May 7, 2014

 Daily Bonus May 7, 2014

This is not an easy one. I had to play 3 times because I got blown up.  You have 11 Bombs to deal with and Shadows on top of that to drain your cauldron.  First drop the middle Bomb on the lower area. You will then have to drop one side dropping above the infection so you can do bank shots to drop the other.  Be careful you do not take away bubbles you cannot see because it will probably ignite a bomb. If that happens remember you can plug them up with bubbles. Once you got the sides dropped you will now see 10 Bombs.  You will be able to see the ceiling without dropping them. The challenge is not igniting them and getting blown up. TIP: Save Rainbow bubble until you really need it.

Daily Bonus 4500
Expire 5/09

Daily  Bonus Video 3 star

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