Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Sept. 02, 2013

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Sept.02, 2013

daily bonus 9-02-13The bombs are the least of your worries and will be dropped quickly.  However, the poison spiders are ruthless and it will be very difficult to build up significant spiders on floor.  But the real catch is that single space between the upper and lower black bubbles.  Your colored bubbles will rarely if ever match to drop the black bubbles with one shot.  If you are extremely lucky with your layout may only happen on one side.  This is the area where you will need the use your rainbow bubbles but hopefully only on one side.  It may be better to make those single shots on one side and save a rainbow for the ceiling.  You only have a small area where you will be able to increase your floor spiders  The black bubbles on sides also impede your shooting abilities.  A tough level unless you know a secret I don’t. :)  2 stars

Daily Narrative Walk-through Video Rated G

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