Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Sept. 06, 2013

Did you like the new Levels that we had today? If you need some help with them, you can join our Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group or check out this PLAYLIST at Youtube to find DEMO clips for the new Levels!

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus LEVEL Sept. 06, 2013

daily bonus 9-06-13The infection spreads quickly.  The suspended mystery bubbles drop with your first shot.  Do not make my mistake and try to hit just one.  Forget about the mysteries and go for you columns of bubbles to drop dooms and contain infection.  Matching bubbles are also a great asset that I was not blessed with and I did use charms.  Infection needs dropped to get to ceiling to clear.  Good luck!  May the witch of colored bubbles look favorably on you. ;)

Daily Narrative Walk-through Video Rated PG

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