Bubble Witch Saga Missing Eternal Isles 43

the issue mentioned in this post have been fixed. 

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 43

Eternal Isles 43-1

Picture from Eternal Isles 41.
I shot green linked bubbles to the left right before I made this screenshot.

The 43rd set of Eternal Isles was launched Monday 12th August. Now around 20:00 CET (that would be 8pm in Stockholm, Berlin) we can notice that the Eternal Isles 43 is completely gone. Some kind of roll back have happened.

CONFIRMED FIX! Open up your game in Firefox instead of whatever browser you have lost the new Eternal Isles in. Thank you Fans at the Bubble Witch Saga ALL Coins Page for sharing this important fix!

I just had opened up EI43, so I have a working copy of the set live on my computer, I was really really really gonna go to bed for the evening already, but well… Since I am one of the few bubbles in the whole därned world that have a working set of Eternal Isles, you can imagine that I am not gonna go anywhere near my beloved bed for a while, lols. ;-)


Level 43-4, Ceiling

Level 43-4, Ceiling


43-1 ceiling

43-1 ceiling


Special thanx to Clemens Spengler that was first to report about the missing levels.

9 thoughts on “Bubble Witch Saga Missing Eternal Isles 43

  1. I play in Firefox all the time. I haven’t seen 43 at all. Don’t have it now, didn’t have it Monday, either.

  2. I can’t use Chrome because I have another FB account on there. Why can’t they just fix the glitch???

  3. Tonight I opened the game in Internet Explorer and found level 43 right there. I got into it and played about 5 games. Closed out IE, and went back to Chrome. I’m still on level 42 on Chrome. Just as if I never moved. Are they going to fix this???

    • Sorry…let me change that. I went back to Firefox. I don’t play games on my Chrome browser. Firefox is still showing me at level 42.

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