Bubble Witch Saga went mobile – Win Charms!

This summer King.Com launched Bubble Witch Saga  for iPhone…

..and want to hear Your opinions about the mobile app!

The app offers great opportunities to play wherever you go and you get life refills and coins as extra bonuses when you sync your Bubble Witch Saga Game with your mobile device!

You can download Bubble Witch Saga for your Apple Device from iTunes.

From everyone commenting on the iPhone/iPad app for Bubble Witch Saga on this post I will draw one TWO lucky winners that will receive either the Charm of  Shielded Spiders or the Charm of Fortune Spiders as a gift from King.Com. You choose your gift!

[update] During to server malfunctions all contact info were lost, so if you have entered the contest and find your name on this list, you’ll need to re-enter to get a new Lottery Number. New entries are also still accepted and the Ending time have been extended to Sunday the 2nd September 2012, 3:00 PM, UTC+2. I am so sorry for this mess amd indeed, I blame it on the Cat. ;-)

Requirements for winning:

  • “Like” this Lottery.
  • Leave a comment on this post, where you shortly tell your opinion or troubles with the Bubble Witch Saga mobile app. Everybody can comment even if you haven’t had the opportunity to try out BWS mobile yet!
  • You have unlocked the Charm of Shielded Spiders or the Charm of Fortune Spiders in Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook.

The winner is drawn from e-mail addresses. I will assign a unique number to all e-mails in order that they appear to me, (First one gets number 1, second get number 2 etc.) and use this Lottery Machine to get a winner. You can attend with any comment or e-post you like, but you can get only one lucky number. After the winner is drawn, following things will happen: I check that the e-post is valid and contact the winner by e-mail telling how to befriend the FB profile from King.Com that will gift the price Charm. If the winner for some reason can not be credited with the Charm or if the requirements are not fulfilled within four days from the drawing a new draw from old entries will be made. The Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be held responsible for entries lost because of technical issues.

The contest will end Sunday the 2nd September 2012, 3:00 PM, UTC+2. That is 15:00 in Finland. You can use this world clock to check the time.

You can enter only once, with one lucky number, but you are allowed to comment many times, if you have more opinions on the Bubble Witch Saga mobile App after sending your original comment.

Here is a small taste of what the mobile Bubble Witch Saga offers:

The mobile App currently works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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39 thoughts on “Bubble Witch Saga went mobile – Win Charms!

  1. I have found the use of the two charms I do have tremendously valuable. I currently have the Precision charm and the Foresight charm. I am not saying they are perfect , they do have there limitations, but they definitely improved my ability to play. With the Charm of Fortune Spiders I feel I would be able to increase my scores and stars. :)
    [Lottery Number 1]

  2. I do not have an I-Phone or I-Pad but I do have a Kindle. Will it ever be available for that?
    [Lottery Number 3]

  3. I am sooooo addicted to this game. I was devastated when I started seeing comments that the witches had retired. Couldn’t believe it. It was a big relief to hear it was a sham…more bubble bursting..yeah. I like the way this game is set up…it’s awesome. Not like any other bubble bursting game out there. I hope the witches never retire!!!
    [Lottery Number 4]

  4. wish this app worked with my phone but I dont have an IPod or IPhone :(
    [Lottery Number 5]

  5. Amo este juego y ya es mi compañero de todos los días. Lo juego en mi PC de escritorio y quiero niveles nuevos cada día!!!!!!
    [Lottery Number 7]

  6. I am totally addicted to this game – it’s 5 am & I’ve been playing all night! I do wish they would give a bit more info about the levels though :/
    [Lottery number 9]

  7. I don’t have Ipod or Ipad because i just use the old fashioned desk top puter and an old fashioned cell phone that flips open! guess i don’t like change…but i like lotteries! Good Luck to All!
    [Lottery number 10]

  8. I am happy that I can use rainbow balls at my iPod, but I still want them on my computer too!
    [Lottery number 11]

  9. I find the apps cumbersome with my fingers especially on my phone. Also, I was disappointed that eternal Isles was not a part of the game. I have completed the game, awaiting the “coming soon” promise after level 170 and am in the newest level 20 eternal isles.
    [Lottery number 13]

  10. love bws new for Ipad can play it on the go as I did on the way back from cornwall last week, well done king.com.
    [Lottery number 14]

  11. Addicted as I am there will be in my plans to buy an Iphone or Ipad.
    [Lottery number 16]

  12. the problem i am having in bws on my ipad is i am on level 166 and it is only up to 155, and i am also on the island and it isn’t there but i really do like the fact it is on the ipad, as my pc is dying thanks again
    [Lottery number 17]

  13. Have just got the game and trying to work out how to use charms. Some seem very expensive :(
    [Lottery number 19]

  14. I love the game and play it on both my iPad and iPhone. My biggest issue is that I hAve purchased coins and moved on in levels on my iPhone Bug not on the iPad despite being logged onto Facebook. It would be good if this was sorted. Also trying to find a help page was tricky. Can you have an email help line linked to the settings? I also have tried to use friends to move me on levels and have currently two friends but they are not appearing in the friend boxes to help me move on :( I hope u find this feedback helpful.
    [Lottery Number 20]

  15. I LOVE Bubble Witch Saga and I can’t wait to get my IPhone when I am eligible in October! I will be able to play even more!
    [Lottery Number 21]

  16. I enjoy playing it on my phone but I don’t think that the coins transfer but I enjoy kicking around on it…..
    [Lottery Number 22]

  17. I’m loving playing this on my new iPad but there are problems syncing with Facebook. This morning it won’t load at all so I can’t play. Very annoying.
    [Lottery Number 24]

  18. iphone user

    The BWS app is very easy to use, however due to the small screen, and level update fall behind, I play most on PC. The only thing i can think of for the app improvement is need a level menu option so I don’t have to drag around the small screen map. If you have new level that is mobile only I will definitely play more on the mobile ;)
    [Lottery Number 26]

  19. Good day, would like to ask when will you have level 166 on iphone?
    [Lottery Number 27]

  20. I really like this game. Being a mother of a newborn it’s nice to have something to keep me entertained while I’m feeding my lil love! I could really use the help of charms to get past some levels. I’ve been stuck on 35 for weeks now! But overall I enjoy the game alot!! Thanks for making it mobile.. Since I don’t have a computer:)
    [Lottery Number 29]

  21. At least with the ipad app now i can play while out and not get withdrawels lol.
    [Lottery Number 31]

  22. Love BWS, but I prefer playing BWS in my web browser than in the app. Here’s why:
    1) Aiming is more accurate than on the app. 2)The shooting process on the app is a bit pain-staking.
    3) I’m having trouble syncing it with the progress I’ve made while playing on Facebook. When I hit the Facebook button that comes when you start the app, it goes into an endless waiting loop. :-( Perhaps they could create an update with a fix for that?
    Update: I have since switched to Android… :-(
    [Lottery Number 33]

  23. Love BWS !!!

    The problem with mobile app is that it is not working with my windows phone :(

    [Lottery Number 34]

  24. I would love to be able to play Bubble Witch Saga on my Kindle Fire.
    [Lottery Number 35]

  25. BWS Works OK on my iPad – still cant get that last illusive 3rd star on 151 tho… Also it’s a shame we only have the mainland to play on. I would like the Charm of Fortune Spiders .. do they go green & gold?
    [Lottery Number 36]

  26. I don’t have this app, because when I’m out, I am social. I want to watch people and not having my head down all the time ;) But I think, it is a good app. I heard it has a better graphic than on the computer ;)
    [Lottery Number 37]

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