Busy week indeed – NEW LEVELS EVERYWHERE! :-D

Last week Thursday we got new levels in Diamond Digger Saga.

Our executive EXPERT DIAMOND DIGGER GAMER Clemens Spenglere have spent all weekend making demo solutions for us not-so-much-expert gamers to sneak at, whenever we get stuck at any Diamond Digger Saga Level, we know we can trust in Clemens’ and Lynette’s Diamond Digger Saga solutions!

Bubble Witch 2 Saga got new levels fairly early this Monday. And so did Candy Crush SODA Saga!!! :O I actually don’t know if BW2 came before Soda Saga, somehow my gut tell that Soda was the winner in speed this week. Well, anyway, don’t worry at ALL, we have you covered! We have them all new LEVEL DEMOS uploaded to our YouTube channel and will do our best to get all you Saga Fans through every level without cheating or buying gold bars.


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