10 000 Coins in 1-Click! Bubble Witch Saga

Get 10 000 coins

There are more coins to come, that is for sure since they are already here ready made waiting for their collectors! If you want to motivate this Admin to compile them into a 1-Click Coins post very fast, you can cheer on me by SHARING this post. I am hoping for AT LEAST 100 Shares/likes and think that you can do that very fast if you are up to it. ;-)

Here are the bonuses that we oddly enough always add before the real deal. The reason why we do so is pretty obvious when you think about it, you often have a lot of requests queued in the game and because the button will load the game by itself when it adds coins to your account, you might miss out on some requests. By clicking on these single links before you start the button, you get the chance to pick up quite many requests.

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14 thoughts on “10 000 Coins in 1-Click! Bubble Witch Saga

  1. Well I got 500 coins out of the 20 links. They all loaded Flash Player pages. Not very helpful for iPad users, but happy for the 500 coins.
    Now back to my regularly frustrating level 165.

  2. On your iPad, if you don’t have the browser- click on the coin link, it will open up Bubble Witch Facebook page, wait a sec, it won’t load, double click home button, open bubble witch saga, if you don’t have a little envelope in the corner, click the back button or the map, click the envelope, repeat. It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. Once you get used to it you can do it really fast. You have to make sure you have an envelope before clicking the next link. I usually use my computer to get coins, but sometimes if you need them in a hurry, this works great.

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