Candy Crush Quick Start Guide

If you do not want to see the app and play just to test Candy Crush for a minute or two, you can get a taste of the game without any registering at Royalgames. If you want to play the actual Candy Crush Saga, CLICK Here! Candy Crush Saga is available as mobile for Android, iPad, iPhone and as a Facebook Application and also some various other ways, not all Android are supporting CCS though.


If you need more specific help, or want to share some Tips or Cheats for Candy Crush, please visit the Candy Crush Forum.

Candy Crush have it’s own official Youtube Channel, click here to find Toffette Candie’s Youtube Channel.

Find DEMO SOLUTIONS with videos in the PLAYLIST INDEX for Candy Crush Saga! CLICK here to find a few video samples in the end of this guide, amongst them the frikkin’ hard lvl 33. :)

Candy Crush Saga is a game developed by that is based on match-3 challenges. This Candy Crush Saga strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you get started with your  Candy Crush Saga. game

After starting to play, the candy man takes you through a quick tour that  will walk you through a short tutorial on how different actions work in Candy Crush Saga. Go back an d play the very first levels if you want to refresh your memory in a fun way. :)

In Candy Crush Saga, you move across a saga map to different episodes with new levels. You need to clear a level, in order to progress to the next level.
In the Beginning there are three basic types of levels: jelly levels, ingredient levels and timed levels. When you play Candy Crush Saga to high levels, new kind of obstacles will be added to make more challenging levels.
The basis of the game and each of the types of levels is as simple as it gets: move a candy in order to make a row or a column of at least 3 same-coloured candies. If you make a line or row of more than 3 candies, you will get a special candy.
Aside from the timed levels, you can take as long as you want to think about your next move. The only limit the game gives you, is the amount of moves you use to reach the level’s target. Don’t rush through the levels, having an extra look at the board you are playing can save you many lives and grey hair.

When you have either reached the level’s target, or the time limit is over, Candy Crush will happen. Any special candies left on the board will be activated and make extra combinations to get your score count up even higher.

After clearing you  first jelly Level, which is level 6, you get 3 free lollipop hammers. The Lollipop Candy hammers in Candy Crush Saga are Boosters that you can purchase with Facebook Credits after you have used the 3 free Lollipops that you first get, you buy the Lollipops Hammer Smashes 3 each time and that costs you 19 FB Credits. You find the Lollipop Hammer Booster at your Upper right hand whenever you are playing a level.

Candy Crush Saga TIPS: how to clear Jelly levels

In Jelly levels, the goal is to remove all the jellies from the board. A jelly is removed by making a match over the jelly’s square. Almost fully transparent squares need one match to remove the jelly, while only slightly transparent squares need two matches: one match to make it almost fully transparent and one more match to remove the jelly altogether.

Candy Crush Saga

While you’ll spend most of the matches clearing the normal field, there are two things to always watch for: jelly squares at the top of the field, and jelly squares in odd corners of the field. As these are really hard places to match 3 in a row, you have to match whenever you get the chance, because you won’t know  if there will be any more at that level.




Candy Crush SagaThere are also stone squares: the squares don’t actually have any candies to use, but they need to be opened up. When a match is made on one of the squares next to the stone square, it will break open and can be used.




Candy Crush SagaIngredient levels

In ingredient levels, the aim is to move ingredients from the top of the board to the bottom, by removing candies from underneath them.
There is not much of a special strategy to these levels, other than keeping your focus on how to bring down the ingredients, rather than just making matches.



Candy Crush SagaTimed levels

Timed levels are the most straight-forward of all the types of levels: you need to reach a certain score within the time limit. Make quick decisions, go for combo’s and use as many special candies as possible to rack up that score!
When a candy appears that has “+5” written on it(upper right in the Pic), use that candy in a match to get an additional 5 seconds before the timer runs out. Even if you haven’t quite reached the score when the timer runs out, fear not: Candy Crush also appears in timed levels and will give your score an extra boost.

Special candies

Candy Crush SagaIf you make a match of more than 3 candies, the candies will transform into a special candy, with special powers. There are three primary special candies, but by combining special candies you get even bigger effects.
By matching 4 candies of the same color in one row or column, a Striped candy appears that, when matched, clears the entire row or column it is in. When combined with another 4-match special candy, both the row and the column it is in will be cleared.

Candy Crush SagaBy matching candies in a long L-shape or in a T-shape, you get a Wrapped candy. When it is matched by colour, it will explode once, fall down, and explode another time, clearing loads of candies off the board.

You an match a striped candy and a wrapped candy to get a HUGE striped candy that clear out 3 columns and 3 rows.




Candy Crush Saga

If you are able to match 5 candies, you get a really special candy. This can be switched with any other single candy on the board; it doesn’t need to match to activate. When activated, all the same-colored candies as the candy it was switched with, will be removed from the board. If you combine this special candy with a 4-match special candy, all the candies of that color will change into that special candy, and clear out all the rows and columns that color is in.
Generic tips for Candy Crash Saga
  • Take your time to think of what move to make next. Unless you’re playing a timed level, there’s no time limit.
  • Learn to recognize when you can make a special candy. They’re very powerful items that can make the difference between finishing or failing the level. Try to combine the special candies!
  • Only use the ‘flashing’ suggestion the game gives you if you don’t see any other matches you can make. While the suggestions helps you a little, they are usually not the highest-scoring matches you can make at any point.
  • If you are unable to reach the level’s goal, you will lose a life. Your lives will refill up to a maximum of 5. Refilling one life takes 30 minutes.
  • As good a player as you are, there is always that random factor that often make it very hard to pass a level. Don’t give up! Given enough attempts, you will progress. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Video Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 27

Video Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 31

Video Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 33, I am really proud to have this walkthrough for candy crush level 33 available for you, I played for five weeks before I got Candy Crush Saga Level 33 caught on tape without boosters nor cheats. :)

Video Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 34

Video Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 50

Video Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 51

Free Coins For Pet Rescue Saga available after new levels have been launchedFind more videos in the PLAYLIST INDEX for Candy Crush Saga!

This guide is loosely based upon a cheat sheet for Candy Crush Saga from:

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    • I don’t play Bubble Puzzle, but it is fairly easy to get a Fan Page up and running if you got the interest. You can contact me at Facebook if you want a few tips to get it going. There are a lot of free services that you can use and I can help you with finding them. :)

      • orange means it’t a time game, blue – game with jelly, green – with ingredients and purple – you have to only earn points with limited moves

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    • The Chocolate is an Obstacle, you do not want that one in this game. It is much more fun in real life, LOLs. :P You remove the Chocolate by matching candies beside the chocolate. At level 51 in Candy Crush the chocolate do not reappear if you can remove it all. :) Sweet gaming.

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    • You need to log in to the game at a PC or a Mac or wait for new updates for your iDevice. Bubble Witch Saga hasn’t yet got more than those 165 Levels for mobile devices. And ofcourse there are some Eternal Isles as well. :D

  3. I love candy crush saga but it’s hard to ask for lifes all the time, some of my friends get a commercial and get lifes for free, how can I add this commercial so I must’nt quit playing all the time till I have lifes again?

    Thank you for helping me out Grtz

    • If you don’t get commercials it might be because you have purchased stuff in some of King.Com’s apps, once they are gone, they really don’t tend to come back I am afraid.

    • You can actually get an unlimited amount of lives. Once you run out, exit the app and go to your setting and change the time forward a few hours. Log into the app again and you’ll have your 5 lives again. Remember to then exit and set the time automatically. Hope this helps. Works effortlessly for me

  4. Can I use a lollypop hammer to smash the jelly? I sometimes have 2 jelly spots left on my last move and I don’t want to waste my free lolly’s if it wont affect the jelly.

  5. HOw do I know how many coins I have ? Or do I even earn coins to purchase special powers?? In other games, you earn a certain amount of coins, etc and use them to upgrade powerful tokens, etc….Is that the case with candy crush? Or do you have to use actual money to buy them? Thanks! Linda

  6. After level 50 it’s asking for help from friends or $0.99. Have sent requests and received a response but still can’t access 51. Do I need to pay?

  7. I am at level 77… and there seems to be no CLEAR way to complete the level. Most others you can see what you need to do. This one is a mind boggler.. HELP.. lol..thanks

  8. How do you get past level 85 – I can’t seem to bring the ingredients before I run out of moves. I concentrate all efforts on moving ingredients down. HELP

  9. I am stock in level 135, i dont know how play this level, could you please explain it to me, there is 2 square i need to look, but i dont know what are those

  10. I’m old (60) and just started playing games. Is everything I see on boards xcandy? even hot dogs? Are only some of them jelly?

    • Yep, everything is candy. Jelly is not in all levels and only some of the candies are covered with jelly, the jelly usually have two layers, so that you need to clear the spot twice to remove the jelly. And noups, you are not old. :) Age is just a number.

      • I too am knocking on the back door of 60, and have been trying to figure out what in the heck is the jelly. Thank you for the question and answer.

        • Jelly is the greyish square the lollies are sitting in. Not the actual lollies themselves.

  11. I really enjoy Candy Crush Saga , but level 86 is very frustrating . What do I do to get cleared ? And what happens to the extra lives friends send to me & the extra moves , can they be used on all levels ??

    • Hi
      It says if you have ever purchased anything then your extra lives are gone forever…I think they should tell you that before you purchase….That is not fair

    • I am stuck on 86 for weeks….did you make it through? If so, what hints can you give me. I always seems to have one or two left and nothing close to get rid of them. Tks.

  12. How come on level 20 I have both failed the level and completed the level several times. How come it wont move me to level 21?

    • i had to fill all 3 stars that come with the level getting 15k, 25k and 40k but my friend earned tickets you see on the board map by asking friends to send her a gift. I think either of these get you to next level. Its confusing and Im still not sure. Im on 27 right now

        • I passed level 35 but didn’t ask for tickets from my friends. Now I’m still on 35 and the target now is 250,000 vs 140,000. Any suggestions?

        • Ask for those tickets now. The option is still there when you click/tap on the level 36 location.

  13. On level 65 I had 2orange candies light up with a chocolate square but I can’t figure out how to move them and there were no other moves available in the game. How do I move the orange candies with a chocolate square? Is there some trick? Or was this a bug?

  14. I get friend requests for a ticket to next level but I am not sure how to send them. Can you help please. I get a page up for sending extra lives but not for tickets. thank you I

  15. On level 51, I have a red jelly bean with a chocolate square above and another red jelly bean above this to the right. There are no other moves on the board and the above are flashing/hinting it’s the next move. How can it be, as cant move/use chocolate squares?

  16. Hello!!! any tips on level 65? I am desperate and the tips at didn’t help me.. i also asked in gamersunite and but no luck!! PLEASE HEEEEELPPPP

  17. I am on level 135 and the ask friend button will not work. It is there but when I click on it nothing happens. All other buttons work.I have tried reloading and clearing cashe,history,etc. Nothin has worked.

    • there is no “ask friends” option after 135 i candy Crush Saga, are you talking baou Bubble Witch Saga? If so, please try to load the game in another browser to get the action completed.

  18. Does anyone know what the colors of completed levels mean? Some of my completed levels are orange, some are blue and some are green. And they don’t correspond to the number of stars for each respective level.

  19. If you manage to get the match 5 candy special twice and switch them they remove every single candy on the board, sweet! :D

    • It is, I was so excited when it happened to me! :D

      … but, I think that behaviour might be different on some level?

  20. When I open the game on Facebook there is a mail pop up for me to accept lives from my friends. When I accept them where do they go? I can’t seem to collect any of them? If my lives are full I get no more. If I close the pop up I can’t get it back again. I’ve read that after I use some lives I can collect them from an on screen envelope. My game has no envelope? What is the point of asking friends to send me lives when I can never collect them?

  21. I cannot move on from level 35, as I receive a message that I need help from Facebook friends. I do not use Facebook, so how do I move on?.

  22. Playing candy crush at a level I need to ask friends and the but on won’t work. Everything else works. I have been told to reoad the program. If I do that will I have to start over at level 1 again?

  23. It sometimes takes me many attempts to complete certain levels. It is very frustrating when I want to keep trying and playing a certain level, but by the fifth attempt it tells me I don’t have anymore lives and I have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to play again. This has been happening for a while, I am up to level 28. I’ve spoken to many of my friends and they don’t have this problem, even when they have had difficult levels to pass. I really like playing, but I don’t want to wait to play 20 or 30 minutes after I play 5 games all the time. What’s up with this and why don’t my friends experience this? Please help!!! Thanks

  24. Cannot figure out level 31. How are the jellies smashed on this level? Even tho the colors line up across the top of all the boxes, the jellies don’t disappear. Help would be great appreciated!!!!

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