Candy Crush Frog (levels 606 +)

FrogtasticGuide to Using the Frog!

The first thing you will notice is that this little froggy when matched with blocks of the same colour as it, will swallow them.
Each time it does, it gets larger and larger….
When it is fully grown it is frogtastic.
The frog radiates, this means the frog is ready to go ‘splat’!!

Click on your frog, and decide where you want the splat to be…note it will destroy an area of 9 candies (or obstacles) when it lands.

Choose splat area

Click on the destination, and your frog will jump…

Jumping frog

When it lands, it will destroy whatever is around it!
This is great for removing obstacles like liquorice, marshmallows etc
And for instantly dropping ingredients.

Destroying frog

After the explosion it will change into another small frog, of random color, for you to do it all over again.

New blue frog

More Froggy Fun!

 When you cross the frog with a bomb, you can create a frog bomb!

Frog bomb

Match this with more of it’s color and you get a 3×3 explosion, then the frog reverts back to how it was before it changed into the bomb.

Exploding bomb

When you cross the frog with a striped candy, it becomes a striped frog…

Horizontal stripes

Then when matched with more candy of the same color as the frog, it does a swipe.
And goes back into how it was before the mix.

Horizontal swipe

The bomb or striped frog can also be mixed with another bomb or striped candy…to swipe a massive three columns and three rows off your board!

mixed frog

You can also splat a frog down onto a bomb or striped candy, to have similar results.

Mixing a frog with a speckled candy causes all the candy of it’s color to be zapped and turns it into a speckled chocolate frog.
This doesn’t last, because it swallows all those candies and is instantly frogtastic!

Mix speckled with frog removing blues

Placing a frog down to splat on a speckled candy removes all the candy of it’s color, then gives you a new, random colored frog.

Making a row of 5 containing the frog gives you a speckled chocolate frog also.
making 5 sweet

This frog can be matched with any other color on the board (just like a speckled candy) and will remove them all, then revert back into the frog it was before it changed.

zapping frog

Have frogtastic fun from level 606 onwards in Candy Crush Saga!

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