Candy Crush Saga – Moon Struck Booster

Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld Special – the Moon Struck Booster

moonstruckboosterNow when we have 170 Dreamworld levels a new Candy Crush Saga booster has been introduced. It doesn’t seem to be available for all accounts yet and not at all at mobile versions of Candy Crush Saga

At Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld Levels you can benefit greatly from the  Moon Struck Booster. It will create a moon struck that remove two of the colours at the level and gives us a little bit of peace of mind while we play the DreamWorld Levels.

As you probably already know, the moonstruck remove two of the colours that make Odus the owl either OD (fall down when we have to many of either of the colours) or if we make our moves right, also gives us this wonderful moon struck.

Our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches have made a video where we checked out the best strategy on howto use the moon struck booster. The smart way is to use it is to wait until AFTER you have created a natural Moon Struck, then when Odus is back on his stick, use the Moon Struck booster right away and the success on the hard level you have saved the moonstruck booster for is almost guaranteed!

I first got 3 free uses of the Candy Crush Saga Moon Struck Booster, but after they are used, we need to pay to use the Moon Struck booster. Here under you can check out the pricing of the Moon Struck booster, so think carefylly on how you ue your first 3 freebie boosters!

moonstruckbooster-purchase with goldbars in candy crush saga

First you get free taste bites of the Moon Struck Booster, then you need to purchase moonstruckbooster with goldbars in candy crush saga

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