Candy Crush Saga: Do you want to beat your friends on every DreamWorld level?

Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld tips by Admins of Candy Crush Saga Help

There are 65 levels in Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld, divided into episodes. If you take a closer look at the levels in the very beginning of the Candy Crush Saga Journey. In all levels task is to control the Owl to stay on the moon with colours of candies that a certain level gives you.With every good move you fill up the moon and once you do that you will get MOON STRUCK that does a miracle on your board, and you can get some awesome scores.

While playing Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld levels you really have to pay attention on those two colours so Owl doesn’t fall down. We here at The Blogging Witches website, will not only guide you through and help you PASS every Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld level without boosters, we will also get you demo gameplay show cases for beating ALL the levels with  3 stars!

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In Candy world you make combos and use them but in DreamWorld we found one sweet Candy Crush Saga trick that works on all DreamWorld level.

The Secret to succeed in Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld is to Make combos: Wrapped candies, Striped candies and Color Bombs. But…!!!! DO NOT USE them! Because when you achieve Moon struck, the moon struck will explode your combos and give you awesome score and make more combos while moon struck lasts. As in any game,

Keep ODUS on his stick in DreamLand Candy Crush Saga, you'll die if Odus fall down.

specially Candy Crush Saga game luck in needed. You need to have good board also but with this little trick that doesn’t require any spending money on buying boosters, you can get between half of million score and more :)

Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld level 41 Gameplay video walkthrough with a 3 star score!!!

Our Youtube Channel named the Blogging Witches has ALL levels uploaded for Candy Crush Saga.


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