Candy Crush Saga Level 135

Candy Crush Saga Level 135

level-135-Collect 5 Color Bombs to pass level 135.

1 star: 10 000 points
2 stars: 70 000 points
3 stars: 95 000 points

In this Candy Crush Saga Level 135 you don’t need to worry about the score, I can’t see that there would be a way NOT TO get at least 10 000 points.

Make Color bombs in Candy Crush Saga


You need to make the color bombs before you collect them, make a color bomb by having five of the same candy in a row.

Naturally you should avoid to make striped and wrapped candies, but if you however make them, you can let them drop down and keep the chocolate from moving upwards.


swap the marked candies to get a color bomb opportunity within 2 moves.

swap the marked candies to get a color bomb opportunity within 2 moves.

There are lot of thinking through and looking for opportunities in order to collect all the color bombs, the hardest is to see how to proceed to get a color bomb in the next few moves. fast clicking can be fatal!

When you manage to make a color bomb, you can let it just hang there, since chances are rather big that some upcoming match will remove it, this way you will save moves and also have a bit more fun while playing Candy Crush Saga Level 135. Check out the video walkthough for Level 135 to see how much fun it is to save up the color bombs until the last minute!

Remove chocolate at Candy Crush Saga 135

I think it is easier to focus on making color bombs if I remove the chocolate as soon as possible. You remove the chocolate by making matches beside the chocolate. A striped candy line going through chocolate counts as a match to remove candy. 😀

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