Candy Crush Saga Level 33

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Candy Crush Saga Level 33 by Admins of Candy Crush Saga ELITE


Click to access the Candy Crush Saga Level 33 GU! Discussion

Moves: 17

Strategies, walkthrough and tips:

candy 33

With only 17 moves you have to clear 16 jelly squares, that are separated in 4 sections.

For all of you new players, you have to know that it is now updated level. Before we had 14 moves, but even with 3 extra moves, still hard level!

Basic tip for any Candy level is play from the bottom, but for this level you can’t always take that advice. It all depend on your board! You can’t pass this level with just simple game, removing jellies . You have to make some combos that will help you. So, if you have any good match to make a combo in the upper section, of course you will not play from the bottom. Go and use that combo!

If you have some luck, best combo for this level would be wrapped+striped combo like you can see in second video link, that is gameplay before the update. We also have for you new updated video guide with 17 move that you can see in the first video.

Click to access the Candy Crush Saga Level 33 GU! Discussion

Our Youtube Channel named the Blogging Witches has all the hard levels uploaded for Candy Crush Saga, and we are on a quest to upload every single level there are ever to be launched.

New video with 17 moves:

This is video before the update where you can see excellent gameplay using wrapped+striped combo!

Rage factor for Candy Crush Saga Level: Luck is needed for this level!

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