Candy Crush Saga level 86 Clear ALL THE jellies

Candy Crush Saga Level 86 by Admins of Candy Crush Saga ELITE

Moves: 35

Strategies, walkthrough and tips:


STRIPED, WRAPPED, COLOUR!!!  Those combos you need to pass this level.

The game gives you plenty options to make combos but first try to remove some of the locked candies so you have “space” to make them.

Maybe for the best is to try and make wrapped candies,cause they will clear the jelly very fast.

So take your time here now at Level 86! No hurry and when you get to the bottom, try to make striped candies because that will just help you to finish the legendary level 86 faster and get the better score.

In the video you can see our tips in action,so good luck!

Our Youtube Channel named the Blogging Witches has all the hard levels uploaded for Candy Crush Saga, and we are on a quest to upload every single level there are ever to be launched.

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