Caption Level 53 and win a Charm!

Bubble Witch Saga Charm Contest

lvl53-charm-contestOne of the less carefully written guides here at the website is Level 53, it doesn’t even have a good title. So now we need YOUR help to get a good caption for Level 53 to use as title for the guide. Just play the level and you just might think of a short line to say about it.

Kathleen Sauerbrei have promised to sponsor the Charm of Fortune Spiders to the bubbler that comes up with the best answer. The Charm of Fortune Spiders adds two permanent Spiders to your game, that never rise up into the ceiling.

The Admins of Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site will be the judges of what caption is the winning caption.

To enter the contest, comment on this post with your caption for level 53, the comment must start with the words “Level 53”. 

Please remember to “Like” and “Share” this post! :)

The contest ends 11:59 pm 4th January UTC, (that is also know as UK time) 2013 and the winner will be revealed in the daily post 6th January 2013. The winner will be contacted per email to arrange for the winner to hook up with Kathleen to get the Charm.

The Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be held responsible for entries lost because of technical issues.

Nor King.Com or Facebook is in no way endorsing or involved with this contest, it is a private contest for you readers of this web site and the contest is following Finnish law.

45 thoughts on “Caption Level 53 and win a Charm!

  1. Level 53 – infection central; so go and stop that virus spreading cause that is so essential :)

  2. Level 53 If it was for the infection you wouldn’t know the right direction.

  3. “Drop those nasty virus bubbles before you find yourself trapped in the basement with nowhere to go”

  4. LEVEL 53 WARNING : very high contagion risk! Trap, surround and drop the contaminants!

  5. Forgot to say the level so it’s:
    Level 53 – Be frightless to this virus or it could make you eyeless!