Blossom Blast Saga Level 178

Blossom Blast Saga Level 178 

Remove the 22 weeds and conquer Blossom Blast 178! :D

I used a stady and slow tactic removing at least one weed for very move. That turned out to be a great strategy, since I didn´t had to get that worried about the molds spreading from below. Just keep the molds a little aside from where you want to do your flower lines and they won’t bother you. :-)
Blossom Blast Saga Level 178 video demo:

Blossom Blast Saga Level 177

Blossom Blast Saga Level 177 walkthrough


Requirements for Blossom Blast Saga Level 177:
Within 22 moves you need to Bloom 3 big blooms with hit points of 40/40/50.

Tips for Blossom Blast Saga Level 177:

Just let the leaf piles move aside when they do, no active thinking needed because of leaves at Blossom Blast Saga Level 177. First you need to get rid of both upper big buds with 40 hits each. It does not matter in what order you do that. But you can not ignore the lowest big bud until the upper big buds are smoked, cause then you will run out of moves before blasting up the one at the bottom that takes 50 hit points before it is deleted from the board of  Blossom Blast Saga Level 177. 

Blossom Blast Saga Level 177 video walkthrough:

Blossom Blast Saga Level 220 Last Lvl Jan-Feb 2016

The videos shows, how to win Blossom Blast Saga Level 220 with no boosts, check below for tricks and tips. At blossom blast saga level 220 you’ll need to blast six big buds within 23 moves. As usual, the most efficient way to blast big buds is to lead lines of the same loud into them.

Tips for Blossom Blast Saga level 220: Link as long lines of flowers into the big buds. Watch out for the crows! Remember, 3 matches with a blast beside a black crow obstacle will remove the crow.
Look for opportunities to get shaking lines and make super blooms. Think about how flowers will drop through lilies in the next couple of moves.

Level 220 with no boosts. Tips for level 220: Link flowers into big buds of the same colour.

Blossom Blast Saga Level 176

Blossom Blast Saga Level 176, tips, tricks and videohelp

Requiremeents for Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176: Bloom the big 30 hits bud lowest AT the board. With the tips below, you shall bee able to pass Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176 with 3 stars.

You have 25 moves at Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176. Make matches in the middle of the board all level throug, get rid of the 4 middle crows as fast as possible. Don’t let The crows  in the middle eat so many flowers, lettini the seide crows eat flowers isn’t that bad. When you hit the bottom, try to lead same Color flowers into big Bloom as the Color of big Bloom.  Making matches beeside the big Bloom will remove 3 hit points per explosion, so 4 well planned lines nearto big bud also will do it. I used a combination of both techniques to achieve a 3 stars outcome for Blossom Blast Saga Leveel 176.

Android update for Blossom Blast Saga is available!

WHAT’S NEW in the Android update for Blossom Blast Saga?

A new update has been launched for you bloomers playing at an Android device! The update has the 40 new levels that was featured in the latest iPad/iPhone update as well,  2 NEW EPISODES, (Lily Pad Lagoon & Pavilion Park)
We also have a NEW FEATURE! The Lily Pad is a great help when linking flowers over puddles or ponds. But be careful, it won’t float all the time!

New Levels at iPad/iPhone

Hohoho! Merry Merry Xmas Blossoms to You! iPhone/iPad users have NEW LEVELS, with cool Lily Pads as a little something we haven't seen before.wojooo-wohoo! Watch full version of Lily Pad Introduction at –> your Blossom Blast Saga level demo by adding the number at the end of this YouTube search query for our channels. :-) Blogging Witches' channel: for COPY/PASTE if above opens up a YouTube app too fastyoutube.comquery without domain if BOTH above queries fail(then remember to add before query)/user/BubbleWitchSaga/search?query=blossom+level+Lynette's channel, query for COPY/ way at mobile devices to access specific level is to Tap and hold down your finger over the above query you want to use, then choice to COPY it will appear, so the query is saved. Then go to comment here at this video, hold down your finger in comment section until you get the PASTE option, then paste and write the level at the end of the query and tap at the url you just have specifically created for yourself. Please don't remove your queries, hard level queries are good to have if you bother to make them. :-)

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There is also a NEW BOOSTER! The watering can is a gardeners best friend, use it to make your flowers grow! But it is really a lozy addon with that new boost, since we don’t get even one single boost for free to at Android users are not spending money on it in the same width as iPad users have done.

Blossom Blast Saga Level Index

Blossom Blast Saga Level Index with TIPS and TRICKS!!

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