AlphaBetty Saga for ALL the great languages plus SCANDINAVIAN languages!

How to get started with AlphaBetty Saga at Facebook: DRAG the cursor, don’t click. You can make words backwards, forwards, and also diagonally. Watch the video below to see mainewil, head witch, screw up at first, not getting even the first … Continue reading

Busy week indeed – NEW LEVELS EVERYWHERE! :-D

Last week Thursday we got new levels in Diamond Digger Saga. Our executive EXPERT DIAMOND DIGGER GAMER Clemens Spenglere have spent all weekend making demo solutions for us not-so-much-expert gamers to sneak at, whenever we get stuck at any Diamond … Continue reading

HAPPY VALENTINES 2015! 1-click Coins for Bubble Witch Saga!!!

Bubble Witch Saga / Coins collected from personal feeds the last 5500 Coins in the 1-click COINS BUTTON  are valid until 15th February 2015. Those coming before are valid until 18th February. The total ampount of coins exceed 7000 Coins!   … Continue reading

Farm Heroes Saga – Reward Program – Earn FREE Magic beans and Doggie Boosters!

 Have you taken advantage of the feature that gives you magic beans and boosters for FREE?!! As far as I interpreter the graphics, we get FREE MAGIC BEANS and a doggie booster in Farm Heroes Saga for every five new gamer that … Continue reading