Ron, check your emails! You won the Charm of Fortune Spiders!

Ron, you won the Charm of Fortune Spiders two weeks ago! Please answer to the emails You have received. If I haven’t got an answer by this Tuesday, the Lottery will be re-arranged.

If the Lottery is re-arranged, it will have 18 hours life span. All existing entries will be counted, but active readers will have a chance to enter a second time to increase their chance to win.

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- The Founder of Blogging Witches Network! "I started late 2011 when the awesome Bubble Witch Saga became my first true love at FB." Pet Rescue Saga is my current favorite. I have a strong feeling that Odus the owl from the Candy Crush Saga DREAMLANDS will end up at my dinner table soon as the eatable drunk devil he is!

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