The Charm of Insurance


Original Image belongs to King.Com and is published at their offical FB Page for BWS.

The Bubble Witch is listening alright! Usually my guides an tips are quite accurate, but you know what?!! Not always. Oh boy, oh boy was i wrong on the Charm of Insurance in my post the other week, when we was shown pictures of it being developed! My guesses where way out there! :lol: One of the Bubble Witches might have get upset with this, but as we all know by know, Luna, Hester and Selma are the good withes and one of them corrected me by helping me test this brilliant Charm. <3

The Charm of Insurance gives you a free card for one hit on a Doom Skull Bubble every level. As I am not the most skilled aimer, this will certainly helps me with my nerves!

Now when I have this Insurance I have hunted down some of the levels with Dooms Skulls involved. I have not yet 3 Stars on all levels I have hunted down, but I am soon going to! I have beaten my own score on level 75, 40, 141, 43 and 44! I have been able to use this Charm as a tactical “weapon” to avoid sending back green Spiders to the ceiling, that was a really great surprise, that really helps me beat my highscore.

The price for the Charm of insurance is 129 FB Coins, an affordable amount considering how much Damage Control it does!

See this nice Charm in action for yourself!

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