Act fast! You can be the next winner! LOTTERY ENDS TODAY!

First of all i want to tell my congratulations to Vivian that won  Teresa’s recent Lottery in the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group. You play good now with your new toy, Vivian! :D

WIN the Charm of Fortune SpidersWin the Charm of Fortune Spider REPLAY

My efforts trying to contact the recent winner of the Charm of Fortune Spiders didn’t pay off, so this prize haven’t yet been given to anybody. Now you have a second chance to win it. If you have an entry in the first try to win the Charm of Fortune Spiders, you are in already. If you haven’t an entry you can participate now.

And to reward frequent readers you that already have an entry can make another one. This way you’ll have a double chance to win!!! All the rules from the original Lottery applies (click hear to read the rules) to this one, except for the date of ending and that you’ll have to share THIS post to your Facebook wall instead of the original. New entries have to be made on this post.

So, what are you waiting for? SHARE and comment to get your (second) number! :D

This replay Lottery ends 06/27/2012 9PM Finnish daylight saving time, (21:00 UTC+2.)

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26 thoughts on “Act fast! You can be the next winner! LOTTERY ENDS TODAY!

  1. Sounds like great charm. Always have spiders instead of those times when you have none..bummer. Think this is GREAT!!

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  3. I am soooo stuck on 112…watched and read everything…no luck…ugh

  4. I am a bubble witch addict(I didn’t yell that time)…….PULL ME PULL ME lol ooops

  5. Would just LOVE to have a couple of spiders to call my very own!

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