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Update May 8, 2012. The result of this Poll will determine what Charm will be the price in the next Lottery. The Next Lottery will be arranged for ALL BLOG READERS as soon as the BWS Fan Site Group at FB hits 2000 Members. Anybody can join the group, but during to earlier odd adds, there are Admins to approve all new members, so we wont get any trolls.

Vote for the Charm YOU would like to WIN!

What Charm would be nicest to win of the following?

Charm-of-Shielded-SpidersCharm of Shielded Spiders If you miss a shot, you do not get rid of two spider, just one. This Charm is automatically activated by the game, when added.

Charm-of-WebbingThe Charm of webbing puts a spiderweb over the two biggest cauldrons, allowing whatever bubble that falls on them to bounce back to hit the spiders again. This goes on for 13 bounces, then the web dissolves. I’ve had it bounce a bubble back to a green spider which then took me from 2 stars to 3. Fun to watch!

Charm-of-Fortune-SpidersCharm of Fortune Spiders is a permanent item, you get two extra spiders glued, so they never ever rise again, no matter how long you play, or how many levels.

Please read more about and comment for additional information on Charms at the Charm List.

5 thoughts on “Charm Poll

  1. Very nice! Perhaps everyone would like to try all the magic. What is the magic of the game :-) How many points can play with them? You’re generous Peetra! Thank you for all!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you Peetra, I have done my picks but what ever you choose will be fine. for who ever will win, ME!!! hope hope No pressure Just kidding I know it done by lotto numbers.

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