NOW IT IS OFFICIAL! Coins, coins, it is all about the coins!

From the intro of bws

"The terrified villagers have turned to the local witch coven for aid. The Witches agreed to banish the evil Spirit, but they need your help to succeed." - from game Intro

There are two new Charms announced, I have updated the list of Magic Charms with more information on the new Charms, one of them let you survive a Doom Skull Bubbles once every level and the other one gives you 20 000 coins every day when you log on!

The Baroness cat has finally got her own space on the saga Map. She have had too little space in this game until now, so I am happy for her. You can click on her picture(the white cat) and read the intro to the game whenever you want to. The story isn’t that special, but I really like the art work.

gloving-numbersAnother small detail that I enjoy is that the bubble counter for the bubbles in the cauldron turn red and starts to glow when you have six bubbles left. If you are going to buy extra bubbles, you sometimes forget it and that isn’t nice at all.

The other really exiting news about coins

We now get even more coins from our Bubble Bubbies than before, if you log on to the game and have a full life counter, you don’t get lives that are wasted any more, they are transformed into coins! So this mean: No more wasted lives! Wohoo!

I published an article earlier this week about the ALL coins Page, that exists because hundreds of hardcore bubblers have joined forces and posts their highest bonus for the day on this Page. Players are always making their own game within games and the developers came right behind this time. Now mwe have a great powerful Charm to gain free coins every day. Or the choice to be really really social and share posts, either way, it is Facebook that wins in the long run, haha. I think both Bubbke Witch Players and King.Com are satisfied though, without Facebook King.Com and we bubblers would never have even met.

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  1. I was just wondering, what good are the coins? I still have not figured that out, and haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  2. Hi I cant find mine last comments but con not find anything today. Even here are stuff missing almost nothing in the left side. Same comments missing from the group to so I guess is more of the technical problem this is tird saturday in a raw something is not right.

    • =) Glad that you found the comments, Ewa. I did a little makeover here to get comments more up for easier access. I can assure you that tech problems on Facebook does not come as long as to this Blog. This is a totally free blog with all Open Source code, so if this place goes crazy, it is probably just only me that done something odd. :P

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